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Press Quotes

"Artists play impromptu gigs at campsites, on RVs and even in RVs at sunrise. There's a freedom and simple joy to High Sierra that has made it a must attend event for those in the know. With so many festival options, such a poor economy and insane gas prices we have to pick our plans carefully, High Sierra is money in the bank. It's always the weekend we long for most." - JamBase

"There's a palpable sense of remove from the normal life in High Sierra. Every Fourth of July weekend for 16 years, a few thousand folks have climbed above the city bustle to enjoy a temporary reprieve from the 24-hour-a-day rush below…There's an informality and camaraderie that's unlike any other music festival I've attended. You frequently find yourself sharing beers with the artists who floored you earlier in the day. The musicians seem to enjoy the atmosphere as much as the attendees, and it inspires relaxed, spontaneous performances… Musicians can whisper, tentatively bringing their soul out into the light and mountain air, and audiences hush up. It's strikingly different than most festivals and speaks to the abiding love of music that fills this place." - PopMatters

"In the mountains of Northern California, there's an annual event that embraces challenging music and sonic excursions in a way few other places do. High Sierra is a smorgasbord for your ears… There's an uber-relaxed lope to everything. No one rushes; assured that wherever their Birkenstocks take them something interesting would be waiting. The festival is held at a public fairground so there are paved walkways, real bathrooms and showers and electricity, which lends a Christmas light twinkle to many campsites. People are polite in a way festivals usually aren't… making this one of the calmest, family friendly gatherings in the U.S. today. Strange then that such a bucolic atmosphere should also cradle some of the most out there sounds these ears have ever heard." - Signal To Noise Magazine

"An acquaintance mentioned that he'd just grabbed a soyburger in the food concessions area with a tall guy who was about to play the main stage: legendary songwriter-guitarist Richard Thompson. That's the High Sierra Music Festival, where the music is the focus, however and wherever it happens. Some of the best musicians in the world play the four-day fest. And generally speaking, they leave their egos at the gate. You might be grooving to the Radiators from New Orleans and turn around to find that Les Claypool, or Michael Franti, or the drummer from moe. is grooving right along with you. And that's not to mention the workshops and late-night jams where anyone might show up and play with anyone else..." - Sacramento Bee

"Everybody's a rock star at High Sierra. More than 80 acts descended on this tiny mountain town to perform, share musical ideas, and unite under the High Sierra umbrella... Spur-of-the-moment jam sessions erupted in campsites everywhere... Informal educational workshops and playshops are a massive part of the High Sierra mystique. Whether you were there to listen or to learn, High Sierra provided an endless bounty of options. You'll never find a bigger musical bang for your buck. And the experience is priceless. High Sierra isn't the biggest summer festival in the United States. It's just the best." - Idaho Statesman

Artist Quotes
"Every year I look forward to High Sierra with renewed excitement. No where else on the planet is so much passion for live music shared between so many different kinds of music lovers." - Fareed Haque

"High Sierra Music Festival is a music lover's music fest. All night, all day with so many stages... It is an amazing event to be at." - Keller Williams

"High Sierra is a truly special event where everything lines up perfectly. The time of year, the musical acts, the beautiful drive up, the late night festivities, the general layout of the festival, are all conducive for both the bands and audience to have a great time." - Steve Kimock

"High Sierra is special because of the huge variety and vitality of the music represented. For me, it is the best true jazz festival of the year. Its only competition might be the North Sea Jazz Festival in Holland." - Karl Denson

"This festival has a charm unlike any we've ever played. There is a great breakdown between the artists and festival goers that allows everyone to feel like they're in this big soup together. There is also a folkloric element that exists there, like old magic, the vanishing of inhibitions until the sun comes up." - Brad Barr of The Slip

"High Sierra Music Festival was completely different than Japanese festivals. Japanese festivals can be fun, but at High Sierra the audience really cut loose. In Japan, it's up to us to move the audience, but at High Sierra it was the audience that lifted us up and pushed us to a higher level." - Shin-ichiro Tomita of Meltone

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