We are committed to fostering a relaxed atmosphere, but there are certain guidelines that must be abided by in order to ensure a safe and fun festival for everyone.
• Absolutely NO PETS allowed on the festival grounds or parking lots (qualified service animals permitted, see policy here). This will be strictly enforced.
• No glass in the music meadow
• No fireworks or sky lanterns
• No drum circles or amplified music from 11pm - 11am
• No campfires or charcoal grills (cook stoves OK)
• No cans, bottles or chairs higher than 18” on the music meadow
• For safety reasons, no Frisbee throwing in the music meadow
• All personal possessions must be removed from the music meadow after each night’s performance.
• No unauthorized vending - if you’re not a registered vendor you cannot sell or distribute anything on the festival grounds. Violators are subject to confiscation and/or ejection.
• Audience taping only, restricted to the designated tapers section adjacent to the soundboard, microphone stands limited to 7 ft tall max. Taping policy is subject to change per artist request.
• No video recording of any performances.
• No professional photography equipment or cameras with detachable lenses (point-and-shoots without additional lenses are fine).
• No motorized vehicles (golf carts, ATVs, segways).
• No laser pens or similar focused-light devices.
• No personal drone photography or video of any kind.
• We reserve the right to add prohibited items to this list at any item if necessary.

Festival attendees must abide by all local, state, and federal laws. NO ALCOHOL OR DRUG SALES (including nitrous oxide) tolerated anywhere on the festival site or annexed properties. Anyone caught selling or distributing illicit substances will immediately have their wristband cut and be ejected from the festival. Further legal repercussions are likely. Keep in mind that marijuana use is illegal without a prescription, and blatant use of it offends community standards. Please be aware of this and use common sense. If it’s illegal outside the festival, it’s illegal inside, too.

Grandstand Meadow Hours:
Thursday: 2pm - Midnight
Friday - Sunday: 10:30am - Midnight

Pro Tips
Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, but be pro-active about the security of your belongings. Leave your campground overtly empty, don't bring what you cannot afford to lose and be sure to look after one another.

Help us help you by keeping fire lanes clear, notifying staff of any hazards, and communicating in times of distress - we’re on the same team! Look out for one another, stay hydrated, take breaks, wear sunscreen, and most of all, have fun! Our community is not possible without your participation.

If you're concerned about valuables in your tent, you might consider using a small padlock. Our own Event Staff monitors the festival site and off-site parking lots 24 hours a day.

Medical professionals are on-site 24 hours a day. Medical teams are in the Grandstand Meadow (daytime only) and near the Late Night Plaza (24 hrs). Locations are also marked on the Festival Map.

In an emergency, if you’re not near a medical tent, find a staff person with a radio, or notify the nearest Event Staff personnel. Tip - If you’re not sure whether it’s an emergency, assume it is and get help right away.

Feather River DANGER
It looks beautiful and inviting, but is deceptively and incredibly dangerous. Cool down with a swim in the Pioneer Pool, or enjoy the river from a safe distance, but DO NOT swim or wade in the Feather River under ANY circumstances.

Drive and Travel Safely
The California Highway Patrol is a vigilant presence on the roads leading into the fairgrounds. Hwy 70 into and out of Quincy is a beautiful drive through the Feather River Canyon. However, it is a winding road with lots of turns, upgrades and downgrades. Please be careful when traveling on this road. Sleep before you hit the road, and always be aware of your surroundings. Simple advice, but many of us neglect these things and sadly this has led to fatalities. Sleep deprivation has been the direct cause of automobile-related deaths following this festival. Please be smart and drive safely.

Don't Forget to Bring
• Sleeping bag
• Warm clothes (nights can be cool)
• Flashlights
• Sunscreen, hat, shades
• Acoustic instruments for campsite jams
• Portable radios to tune into Grizzly Radio
• Water bottles
• Swimsuit (community pool next to festival)
• Plastic bags for trash and recycling
• Festive clothing and fun costume wear

As always, great food and beverages will be readily available. Ice can be purchased at the main drink booths.


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