The High Sierra Music Festival is a great place to bring children. We'll have ongoing games, arts and crafts, performances on the Family Stage, and other fun activities on the Family Lawn. The 2014 Family Area schedule will be posted here this Spring. In the meantime, you can check out the 2013 schedule to get a feel for the types of entertainment and activities our Family Area has to offer.

Rockin' Nannies
The Rockin’ Nannies will once again be providing care with professional educators who are CPR certified. We strongly recommend pre-booking, as availability may be limited at festival time. Full details are available at

Living Folklore
Gumbo Wobbly and all of our favorite clowns will be with us to head up the kids parade with flags, umbrellas and giant puppets. Gala, a spritely wood elf who knows the secrets of plants, will be entertaining and educating all about the magic of nature. Dennis The Red will be back with more puppet mayhem including the whacky Mr. Curmudgeon, the benevolent King Beeblebooble and characters from his forthcoming television program Teddy The Traveler ( We are also happy to have Heather Normandale, with kids songs to make you dance and sing along. Be sure to visit to see pictures and learn more about the wonderful world of Living Folklore!

Magic Apron Stories
Jennifer Aguirre has been performing with her six themed Magic Aprons at the High Sierra Family area since the festival began. The children point to a pocket and through story, verse and song the puppet comes delightfully to life. Her gentle puppetry not only engages children but adults as well.

Family Camp
We try to create a quieter and more kid-friendly environment in the eastern end of the Shady Grove campground (quieter late at night, louder early in the morning). If you're interested in camping in Family Camp, let your shuttle driver or parking attendant know and you'll be pointed in the right direction. A vehicle pass is required for parking in Family Camp. Visit our camping guidelines for more information.

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